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Example 6 - Graphiti Generator

By using this generator to create graphs, it should help you to understand how the different parameters affect the graph. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the HTML code that produces the graph you have set up. The names of the fields that are affected by each input field are in brackets besides them.

Resulting Graph

To view 3D Graphiti, you must have a recent version of Java installed on your machine, please click here to download it.
Point 1 (value1): Label 1 (label1): Colour 1 (color1):
Point 2 (value2): Label 2 (label2): Colour 2 (color2):
Point 3 (value3): Label 3 (label3): Colour 3 (color3):
Point 4 (value4): Label 4 (label4): Colour 4 (color4):
Point 5 (value5): Label 5 (label5): Colour 5 (color5):
Show values (showvalues) Show centre sphere (showcenter) Default font colour (fontcolor)
Show decimal points (showdecimals) Font Size (fontsize): Background colour (bgcolor)
Make text bold (fontbold) Font Name (fontface): Use coloured lines (colorlines)
Make text italic (fontitalic) Make text anti-aliased (fontantialias) Colour text (colortext)
  Value of origin (origin)  

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